Sunday, 24 November 2013

Doc McGee - Confidential Project

FremantleMedia sent the following missive to casting agencies and others, trawling for those prepared to engage in their scurrilous project. So proud are they of their handiwork, that they seek to hide it, asking for strict confidentiality.

To add insult to injury, they state that "Corby has a small group of supporters who believe in her innocence in spite of her conviction".
    REALITY CHECK: the evidence published on the internet PROVES that she is innocent, and the numbers who know and believe that she is innocent are substantial. This extends to anyone of normal disposition and intelligence who cares to examine the Australian government's own correspondence.

    REALITY CHECK: the conviction, which FremantleMedia refer to, and apparently endorse by using it in defence, constituted an appalling catalogue of legal and human rights abuses.
The irony is that this sort of squalid production is tailor-made to influence public opinion against her, constituting propagandistic fabrciation of the worst possible kind.

FrementleMedia have been notified of the existence of The Expendable Project files, and repeatedly informed of the nature of the fabrications they intend to present.

They further state that "Our development of Doc McGee has included a rigorous legal process and we are confident of the integrity of the project.".
    REALITY CHECK: The project has no integrity whatsoever. It is based upon lies, smears, and fabrication, exploiting a loophole in Australian law, dead men can't sue.
It is putting lies into the mouths of an innocent and desperate family, a family struggling under intense pressure, to sustain the life of a woman who has endured more than nine years of unremitting torment. It is damning them with the most revolting of smears.

The pages below demonstrate how they are superimposing entirely false characters upon each family member, to fit the false, damaging and fabricating script they intend to produce.

More information coming soon.

For further information on the background, including on the misappropriation of taxpayer funds to support the production of this offensive material, see: The Misappropriation Report.

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